Zon is a multiplayer, online learning environment designed to teach Chinese language and culture through gameplay. As a web-based site that uses Adobe Flash Zon provides real-time, on-demand connection to interactive learning activities and authentic cultural information.

Zon is built on the premise that learning is interactive. The game provides the opportunity for players to learn from non-player characters (NPCs), responsive game agents, and other players. Zon players are motivated not only by their intrinsic desire to learn more about Chinese language and culture, but also the ability to interact with engaging story-driven plot lines, interesting characters, and fellow players.

Throughout each scene, players can engage with various elements of the environment, but they can also speak with other players in that scene or elsewhere in Zon. This allows for players to learn from both the designed game elements and other players. In this way, Zon is designed to provide social and environmental scaffolds to support player learning.

The Zon platform was developed over the last four years in collaboration with the Confucius Institute at Michigan State University located at Michigan State University’s prestigious College of Education. Zon Labs is the exclusive licensor of this innovative platform and supports multiple programs through CI-MSU & other preferred providers. Please contact us for more information.